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Journal of Biological and Chemical Research
ISSN 0970-4973 (Print) | ISSN 2319-3077 (Online/Electronic)
(Published by Society for Advancement of Sciences®)

Volume 30 (2), July to December, 2013

List of Contents
37. An Urgent Need for Conservation of Podophyllum hexandrum (Himalyan Mayapple) – An Economically Important and Threatened Plant of Cold Desert of Ladakh, India.
By Mohd Ali and Vishal Sharma.


38. Daily Physical Activity: The Link to Physical Fitness,Cognition and Academic Performance in Bengali (Indian) Adolescents of Rural and Urban Areas.
By Roan Mukherjee and Prakash Chandra Dhara.


39. Growth, Yield and Nutritional Quality ofPleurotus tuber-regium (Fries) Singh grown on Sawdust of Different Wood Types from South-Western Nigeria.


40. Green Chemistry towards Sustainability of Environmental Perspectives.
By Bina Rani, Shobha Sharma, Rajesh K. Yadav, Upma Singh and Raaz K. Maheshwari.


41. Effects of pH on Sorption of Manganese, Cadmium and Lead from Aqueous Solution by Maize Cobs.
By A. O. Eruola.


42. Metal Concentrations in Four Leafy Vegetables Sold in Markets of Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.
By O.M. Agbogidi and H. A. Erhenhi.


43. Studies on Soil Enzymes on Metabolic Requirements and Nutrients Availability for Soil Microbial Communities.
By Hamid Kheyrodin.


44. Mutagen Induced CLS (Cercospora Leaf Spot) Resistance in Mungbean.
By D. K. Koche, R. S. Badere and A. D. Choudhary.


45. Minerals, Vitamins And Phytochemical Profile Of Sida acuta (Broom Weed): Indices for the Evaluation of Safety and Antioxidant Potentials of the Medicinal Plant.
By Enemor, V.H.A., Afuwape, L. O., Okonkwo, C.J. and Okafor, C.S.


46. Microbiological Qualities of Domestic Roof-Harvested Rain Water in Selected Locations in Nigeria.
By O.A. Akintola, A.Y. Sangodoyinand O.S. Adebayo.


47. Two Dimensional Ultrasonographic Volume Measurement of Third Trimester Placenta in Indian Females.
By Mumal Nagwani, P.K. Sharma, Urmila Singh, Anita Rani and Seema Mehrotra.


48. Studies on the effects of Chlorpyrifos on Germination and Photosynthetic Pigments in Green Gram (Vigna radiata L.) at Different Phenological Stages.
By Vaibhav Kashyap and Mukesh Kumar.


49. The Changing Structural Face of Little-Ose Forest Reserve South-West Nigeria.
By O.O. Awotoye and S.I. Adebola.


50. Morphological and Anatomical Features of Salicornia brachiata Roxb. Geddada.
By Mohan Narasimha Rao and Pragada Prayaga Murty.
View & Download | 887- 891


51. Effect of Zn-Stresses in Alluvial Soil on Growth and Yield of Wheat.
By Pankaj Kumar Kannaujiya and S. N. Pandey.
View & Download | 892- 900


52. Democratic Decentralization and the Politics of Power Dynamics in Natural Resources Management in Gokwe, Zimbabwe.
By Ephraim Chifamba.
View & Download | 901- 920


53. Melissopalynological Study of Honey Samples from four localities in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.
By C. O. C. Agwu, B. C. Essien and S. A. Badmus.
View & Download | 921- 928


54. Jatropha curcas (Linn) Seed Ethanolic Extract Possess Antifungal Activity against Phytophthora infestans and Stimulates Potato Resistant Response.
By G.M.G. Shehab, O.K. Ahmed and M.A. Ahmad.


55. A Critical Analysis on the Relationship between WTO/TRIPS Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity in Context of Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge: Issues and Challenges.
By S. Ali Nawaz Zaidi and Amit Agnihotri.


56. Scenario of Sericulture in Countries across the World.
By Swaroopa Marella.
View & Download | 959- 990

57. Diploidization and Fertility Improvement in Highly Advanced Varieties of Autotetraploid Fenugreek
By Jaya Singh.
View & Download | 991- 995

58. Introducing A Fuzzy Scale Based Model for Measuring Medicinal Drug Properties with Reference to the      Varying Patient Conditions
By : Syed Mohd Haider Zaidi
View & Download | 996-1005
59.Estimation of Population Mean Inverse inside the Index of Reliability in Health Sciences
By :
Syed Mohd Haider Zaidi
View & Download |1006-1012
60. Studies of Physio-chemical Conditions as well as Plankton Communities in Wetland Sarsainawer Distich Etawah (UP)
By :
Dipti Porwal and R.R.S. Chauhan
View & Download |1013-1026
61.Re-Use of Petro-Chemical Industrial Wastewater in Agriculture for Crop Production
By :
Ozair Aziz
View & Download |1027-1033

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